Confession of a Buddhist Atheist. Stephen Batchelor

Confession of a Buddhist Atheist

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Confession of a Buddhist Atheist Stephen Batchelor
Publisher: Spiegel & Grau

He chose to do a PhD in Philosophy rather than Buddhist Studies, pursuing a minor in South Asian Studies alongside. Stephen Batchelor's Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist came out in 2010. Thoughts without a thinker, Mark Epstein, M.D. We now have three books in the list to donate to the library. It went right on top of my pile of bedside books. Confession of a Buddhist Atheist, Stephen Batchelor 2. I didn't order it in advance of publication, but did acquire it soon after. Tami Simon speaks with Stephen Batchelor a former monk in the Tibetan and Koran Zen traditions with a humanistic, non-dogmatic approach to Buddhism. (I highly recommend his “Confession of a Buddhist Atheist”.) I do find value in the de-mythologized Buddhism of Batchelor, and I think he argues convincingly Siddhatta Gottama himself. Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist. Buddhist without beliefs, Stephen Batchelor 3. I think Batchelor's argument is worth discussing here because it succinctly frames what I take to be the fundamental theological issue: the nature of suffering (and, thus, the nature of grace). He is also a long-time scientific skeptic.